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Update from the Treasurer

After closing the lodge in 2020, we started the 2021 season with high hopes for a bumper winter. The snow was falling and we had record bookings compared with recent years. It was not to be. Right at the start of the school holidays Greater Sydney was locked down and it has stayed that way. The lucky few who lived in Regional NSW were able to ski. Many thanks to all those who not only stayed at the lodge but took advantage of the 40% discounts to bring their friends. We had many first-time guests who enjoyed their stay and contributed to keeping your Club financially afloat. We are writing to all guests letting them know we welcome new members.

A big shout out must go to our Booking Officer, Jess Wells who worked tirelessly dealing with cancellations and new bookings. Much of her work had to be done at short notice as restrictions changed constantly. Thank you Jess.

We also thank our Lodge Managers, Noelene Young and Jade McJannett. Jade stepped in at short notice when Peter (Noelene’s son) was stuck in Hawaii and unable to return. Noelene and Jade had to cope with catering for ever changing guest numbers.

Unfortunately, as the lodge had to close mid-August, we have missed 6 weeks of revenue. We kept our fingers crossed that there might be a chance of some September skiing but it was not to be. Whilst the Board has made every effort to keep costs under tight control and taken advantage of the NSW Government Support for businesses, including accessing grants and JobSaver to subsidize the Managers’ wages, the Club will sustain a significant financial loss again this year. Whilst IMBAC has sufficient reserves to remain solvent, the Board will be required to review the long-term position of the Club and take appropriate action.

All Club members can help by encouraging new members and by booking the lodge over the summer. There will no doubt be restrictions we will have to work around, but please get a group together and go down and enjoy the Snowies in summer.

Alice Martin