Imbac Lodge is located in Smiggin Holes, part of the Perisher Resort.

Travelling from Jindabyne, turn right into the Smiggins Car Park. On your right, or to the east, look up behind the Snowline Ski Centre (where you can get great ski-hire discounts if you are staying at Imbac), and see the big green roofed lodge at the top of the hill.  That is Imbac.

To drive to Imbac, go to the back of the car park and turn right up the hill onto Plum Pine Road.  This road is kept snow-free (weather permitting) and you can drive your car right to Imbac to drop off your gear.  The Imbac car park is located on a small side access road to your left, near Altitude ski lodge.

On foot, walk between Heidi’s and Snowline up the track, continuing between Wild Spitz and Moelina lodges. Imbac is directly behind Wild Spitz. The walk from the car park to Imbac is approximately 100 metres.