• To comply with government regulations and for general fire safety, IMBAC has a non-smoking policy.  Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the IMBAC leasehold, including the balcony and the entrances/fire exits to the lodge.


  • Visitors to IMBAC Lodge are welcome between 8am and 10pm.  Casual meals are available for visitors to the Lodge.  Please talk to the Managers regarding bookings and cost.

Out of consideration for others, we ask everyone who stays at IMBAC to:

  • Tidy up common areas after you use them.
  • Conserve hot water (our supply is generous but not limitless).
  • Check clothing and footwear carefully for ownership before removing from the drying room.
  • Follow the directions for appropriate disposal of garbage and help us recycle where possible.
  • Properly supervise young children and ensure their behaviour is not disturbing others.
  • Not leave children in the Lodge unattended.
  • Keep noise to a level that does not disturb others, particularly in the evenings when other members, guests and the Lodge Managers have retired.
  • Not wear outdoor footwear past the ski and drying rooms.